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OCEAN AVENUE, like many other brewery/restaurants and microbreweries, makes beer that distinguishes itself from the national brewers across the country. We concentrate on making beers that are full flavored and aromatic. We brew bold Pale Ales, malty Amber Ales, German Style Weissbiers, chocolaty Porters, and black Stouts, as well as seasonal and special brews. Our distinctive beers are created with pride and much care, using only the finest ingredients from around the world.


Our most popular beer and Silver Metal Winner at the World Beer Competition and California State Fair. This beer uses a unique blend of European Crystal malts, which achieves a roasty caramel-like sweetness, and the firm hop bitterness creates a wonderful balance that makes this beer a refreshing winner indeed. Ask for this beer at your local market or restaurant.
Alcohol by Volume: 5.3%
O.G. 1.055
Malts: 2 Row Pale Ale, Crystal and Munich
Hops: Cluster and Cascade


Clean, Crisp, and Cold, is the best way to describe Ocean Pale Ale. This golden colored ale is made with English 2-row malted barley and a special combination of German and American hops. The blend is a unique balance of firm hoppiness with a noticeable malt sweetness. Ask for this beer at your local market or restaurant.
Alcohol by Volume: 4.7%
O.G. 1.048
Malts: 2 Row Pale Ale and Crystal
Hops: Perle, Cascade and Mt. Hood


An intense explosion of flavors. This rich, malty beer is accented by hints of coffee and chocolate. A perfect compliment to any desert. Smooth, and deep black in color, our stout is also dispensed using a nitrogen/CO2 blend creating a cascade of effervescence which results in a dense cap of foam on top. If you like Guinness, you’ll love our Ludicrous Stout. Even if stouts don’t meet with your personal preferences, try our stout, it will surely make you a convert. COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE, with a LUDICROUS STOUT!
Alcohol by Volume: 4.6%
O.G. 1.050
Malts: 2 Row Pale, Crystal, Roasted Barley and Black
Hops: Willamette and Czech Saaz

This wonderfully spiced ale is great addition to our Spring line up. the creative balance of fresh sweet Basil leaves and Orange Blossom Honey is every bit intriguing and reveals a no boundaries approach to brewing. Enjoy this special beer alone or as a great compliment to any entree.
Alcohol By Volume: 4.5%
O.G. 1.050
Malts: 2 Row Pale, Crystal and Munich
Hops: Cluster and Cascade

Deep burgundy in color with a malty sweetness, our version of a Scotch ale is crafted using imported British hops and an authentic yeast strain from Edinburgh Scotland. This beer has a very low hop bitterness that allows the malt character to really predominate. Subtle hints of strawberry come through the nose, while the beer finishes with a slightly smoky, roasted flavor. All of the staff at Ocean Brewing Co. hope you enjoy the full rich flavor of this truly unique beer. Cheers!
Alcohol By Volume: 8.5%
O.G. 1.090
Malts: 2 Row, Aromatic, and Cara-munich
Hops: East Kent Goldings

A classic British style ale with a twist. This beer features 7 types of American and English hops and a unique blend of English floor malts. We then dispense this intensely hopped pale ale with a nitrogen/CO2 blend which produces a dense creamy head. The IPA was originally brewed for the British troops stationed in India. To combat beer spoilage during transport, the British brewers increased the alcohol content and added significantly more hops.
Alcohol by Volume: 7.2%
O.G. 1.084
Malts: 2 Row Pale, Crystal, Vienna and Munich
Hops: Cascade, Perle and Tradition