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“ 10 Year Anniversary Bash! ” - HAPPY, January 2005


Ocean Avenue 10 Year Anniversary Bash

What started out as a fine, casual, mostly Italian wine and beer restaurant/bar hangout for Lagunatics 10 years ago has evolved into one of the finest and funniest nightclubs around. It has become a melting pot of friends and family, socialites and bar flies, stlyle banditos and surf/skate and snowboard stars, artists and musicians, wall flowers and humble bees, crazy cooter-pocket lurkers. Throw in a couple metro-sexuals and a few homosexuals to round out a typical night or weekend at the Ocean Avenue Brewery. With a raging Tuesday 80′s Night going on strong for two years now, a supersonic line up of bands mixed into the week, thumping DJs on the weekends and new chic artwork displayed every month, the good times never stop….Oh and don’t forget about the epic international grinds to munch on!

This last December 9th, Jonathan Thomas (Or Dr.Death Drinks as I like to call him, since he always ruins my friends and me with his concoctions of Everclear and sweet strong liquors to fuel our dancin’ debauchery) and his crew of international merry pranksters hosted a dynamite 10th anniversary party at the Brewery. Max Vegas’ band Groove Syndicate launched a wicked dancing assault with originals and some wicked covers. Dr. Jonathan, during the weeks leading up to the party, had compiled a collection of photos from his friends of the past 10 years of Brewery nights and parties, had them copied and blown up for an insane massive collage that filled the giant 30×12 foot wall that is half the Brewery. The wall of photos was hilarious and sexy, with classic mug and group shots to photos of the many beautiful and strange people that frequent the cozy establishment. And there were even a couple of sweet cleavage shots – and by the end of the night the taped up photos were up for grabs for who ever was still standing and could reach them……a little Christmaka present for the Brewery patrons from the Doctor.

The 10th anniversary party peaked with a sick jam by the band, which led Dr. Jonathan with his mischievous little kid grin into one of his infamous spraying downs of his friends and workers with what ever he was drinking, which then turned half the brewery into a water fight. The causlties weren’t too bad, other than a few wet headed bros and a few wet t-shirted lovelies. The water fight really made you feel like you were at a home party. The laid-backness of Dr.Jonathan and the rest of the work crew that night translated the mood to the rest of us and saw everybody having a great time. There were people dancin’, Laughin’, drinking, story telling, smoking, smoozing, and smooching. I even saw these two hot girls makin’ out on the dance floor! That’s the Brewery for ya – a whole lot of good old melting pot memories, with more being served up every week. See ya there!….and thanks Doctor for all the feel good fun times for the friends of the Ocean Avenue Brewery.

Story by SLI DAWG

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